Borderline Career

by Ron Christopher

Borderline Career

With Borderline Career, The Pearl Handle Band has achieved a new incarnation. This time we have taken a new direction with 14 songs that are a combination of Rock-a-billy, Country, Folk, Rock and Country Blues plus Americana. It's good to push the boundaries and I have done so with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles, who, proud to say, are also my friends. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful performances. Each of you has brought your unique style, talent and skills to this project.

A warm welcome to two very talented newcomers to this great assemblage of performers... Mary Thompson and Dawn Red Sun.

I have had the privilege of working with all of these fabulous musicians over the years. I am grateful for all that I have learned from them.

Special thanks to Gerry McGee, Louisiana's own living cultural icon. I hadn't seen Gerry since 1985. He had just finished a tour in Japan as the lead guitarist for The Ventures. He flew in from Tokyo to L.A. (and, dat ain't Loosianna ya'll) the night before and met with me the next day for four hours of recording. We did guitar tracks for three songs. He was jetlagged but he gave me a great performance and then headed north to visit his son and new grandson. That's friendship!

Thank you Brian Bolen for once again capturing "the sound" and producing another masterfully crafted album. Yeah, that's the word I used.... album. For me it symbolizes a theme, a musical concept. THe terms record and CD are simply the method of delivery. This is an album of music.

Enjoy! -Ron Christopher

The Players:

Mary Heineman, Candy Chase, Arlo Zoos, Teresa James, Mary Thompson, Dawn Red Sun, Nancy Bolen, Patrick Bolen, Brian Bolen, Bill Horn, Bobby Furgo, David Jackson, Gerry McGee, and Lynn 'Skins' Coulter.

Cover photo: Pamela Musgrave Photography

Borderline Career CD Jacket

All songs (music & lyrics) written by Ron Christopher, copyright BMI © 2016. Produced by Brian Bolen and Ron Christopher.

Musical Arrangements: Ron Christopher and Brian Bolen

Record Label: Humanity Awaken Records

Publisher: Bolen Publishing Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bolen Sound Studios, Rolling Hills, CA

Engineer: Brian Bolen

Supplemental recording:

Red Barn Recorders - Engineer: Gar Robertson

Songwriter's Studio Services - Engineer: Robert Heft

Hum depot - Engineer: Terry Wilson

Dynamic Tracks - Engineer: Craig Stull

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