Into the West

by Ron Christopher

Into the West

Originally, there were only eleven songs slated for this album. In the final weeks of completion, the mixing and mastering, artwork and photo design I received the tragic news that we had lost Sarah Sweetwater. Like everyone who knew her I was overwhelmed with grief. I did not intend to write a song for her... I didn't even think I had time much less record it and get it onto this album. How do you put the accomplishments of her lifetime into a four minute song?

But if anyone epitomized the theme of this album (Into the West), it was Sarah. I admit, I didn't feel equal to the task. A few days later, I found myself writing what would be the chorus. However, each time I tried to complete the song, I would stop for fear that it might not be good enough. I would look at her photograph and her contagious smile and I could hear her saying "Do it!" I could not deny her.

And so, with much love and the deepest respect Sarah, your song is the final song on this album!

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