Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher


Angelyne... you're a woman young and beautiful but I wonder if you understand at all
Angelyne... it's not right to let men fight to win your love only to lose it after all
He was strong, like a fool he stood up for you he thought that he could keep you safe from harm
What went wrong Angelyne?... as he lay dyin' did you hold him in your arms?

Angelyne... I'm a man full grown I've known the charms of women just like you
And I've seen, for a kiss from your sweet lips and the promise of tonight what men will do
Did you lie?... did you tell him that you loved him more than any man that you had ever known?
Don't you try to tell me that you couldn't stop him when he stepped out in that street to die alone

Angelyne I hear the guitars softly playing while we wait for your next dance
The cantina's filled with men who'd kill for you they're dyin' for the chance
You're the queen of this bordertown where men are found with nothing left to lose and so they try
To live a dream... just to find out in the end that it's a lie

Angelyne... please understand this hand of mine is trembling for it knows what must be done
And it seems... I'll deny the world your beauty and defy the law by reaching for my gun
Lyin' here... it's not hard to see the reason that for you my brother threw his life away
Don't you care?... that I'll have to face our mother when I take his body home with me today

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