Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Cowboys & Indians

When I was a child I played cowboys and Indians
Ridin' the range, tamin' the West
We were the good guys, killin' the Indians
Then we'd tell the story how we won the West

Based on the white man's version of history
We never knew the wrong we had done
Claiming the land, our" Manifest Destiny"
Stripping the red man of all that he owned

Cowboys and Indians....arrows and guns
The death of a nation gave rise to a new one
But what of the people....proud, noble and bold
The story of cowboys and Indians must be retold
We called them Indians....they had their own name
They were "The People," they had their own way
But their way of life would soon be no more
The white man brought death, sickness and war

Repeat Chorus

We promised them justice time after time
Then broke every treaty we ever signed
Those reservations still cry out in shame
But we couldn't break their spirit or faith

Repeat Chorus

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