Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Hallowed Ground

If you're new in town you might not know at all
'bout the lady or her final curtain call
For years on old north Lankershim she stood
Just a road house on the way to Hollywood

She was famous for her one night stands
Mistress to the travelin' cowboy bands
Ol' Willie, Merle and Waylon graced her stage
Now she's fallen victim to her age

Dwight played there when he was still unknown
Ev'ry cowboy singer's home away from home
I saw Bobby Bare and David Allen Coe
And that was just a midweek, midnight show

Her parking lot was dirt with pickup trucks
On Friday night a tour bus would pull up
Country stars would stop by on their way through town
Before they tore "The Palomino" down

Today they tore "The Palomino" down
Her wall of pictures haunts my memory
I swear I can hear a ghostly sound
As I walk upon what must be hallowed ground

The "new hats" only play the bigger venues
I guess that's why she could not survive
Years from now will she still be remembered
She sure helped the music stay alive

Repeat Chorus

And today they tore "The Palomino" Down

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