Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

The King of Nashville

When he first came to town he was just nineteen years old
Stepped off of a greyhound down on Music City Row
He came to claim the crown, he could play and he could sing
In his pocket was a picture of The King......

The years went by so quickly, nothin' turned out like he'd planned
Sold some songs to stay alive, worked a hundred one night stands
Just survivin' the hard times was not an easy thing
It's always good but never easy being king

There's a bar that's bathed in neon...... his name's up on the sign
It says live country music from nine 'til closin' time
Each night he claims the's always on the line......
He's the "King of Nashville"...... if only in his mind

He opened up for Haggard, even charted once or twice
The country music critics claimed a "star" was on the rise
Then the "New Hats" turned the tables...... changing ev'rything
Now pretenders to the throne surround the "King"

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