Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Yesteryear's Hero

Dedicated to Clayton Moore

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear... The Lone Ranger rides again!

Pearl handled pistols lie in the dust
Bullets of silver nearby
On the horizon, a ghostly white stallion
His legs proudly reach for the sky

Hi Yo Silver Away! Gone are the days
When he rode with his Indian friend
He wore a mask, was it too much to ask
To let him keep it right til the end

Who was that masked man, where has he gone?
How will we make it alone?
Come with us now to those thrilling days
Where Yesteryear's Hero lives on

He was a lawman, a lone Texas Ranger
Truly, one of a kind
The last of his breed; but when he was needed
He'd always arrive just in time

But time slips away and all you can say
Is thank you, hey, what was his name?
All desperados would fear it, if only in spirit
The Lone Ranger's riding again

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